Cooperative terrain matching navigation of double autonomous underwater vehicles under the arctic ice

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JIANG Yanqing, MA Dong, LI Zhihui, LI Ye, MA Teng, XU Xuefeng, HOU Dongdong, ZHANG Wenjun, WU Haowei


In view of the large positioning deviation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in long-range navigation under the Arctic ice, this paper proposes a cooperative terrain matching navigation method that uses a single-beam sonar to improve the positioning accuracy. To address the problem of measurement update failure that results from particle degradation and exhaustion in the particle filter, this paper designs a terrain-adaptive dual-AUV cooperative terrain matching navigation method, where terrain confidence is calculated through the standard deviation of terrain elevation and integrated into the dual-AUV cooperative terrain matching navigation system to improve the robustness of the navigation method. The method is verified by simulation experiments, and results show that the method can effectively improve the accuracy and robustness of positioning results.

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