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Vol. 44 No. 11 (2023): Issue 11

Published: 2023-11-02

Comparative Analysis of Optical Interleave Division Multiple Access using Helical and Random Interleaver

Jwala Prasad, Deepak Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar Maurya, Tushar Srivasatva, Ravi Prakash , B. B. Tiwari

1 - 6

Implementation of Novel One Time Password Authentication Algorithm to Provide Better Security and Easy Generation

Prakash Kuppuswamy, Rajan John , Ahmed Ali Shaik Meeran , Sayed QY Al Khalidi , Vijaya Varshini

7 - 17

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Based Coral Species Classification: A Survey

Zaheda Parveen Mohammad, L.R. Sudha, R. Santhoshkumar,

108 - 117

Reliability Of Structural Health Monitoring of Shaft

Prem Kushwaha, Dr. Gaurav Gugliani

118 - 123

Preparation Of Biodegradable Plastic Film from Sorghum Bicolor (L.) Corn Starch

Atere Juliet, Ogunmodede Oluwafemi, Adewumi Funmilayo, Kolawole Sunday

124 - 130

Transformative Trends: A Progressive Examination of P&ID Advancements

Sushma K. R., Bhaskara P., Divijesh P., Rashmi K. R.

143 - 154

Examining Assessment Methods in Pandemic-Era Online Distance Learning

Dave E. Marcial, Alfie Q. Arcelo, Jade O. Montemayor

206 - 219

Enhancing Human Pose Estimation with Darknet-53 and Bidirectional LSTM Networks

Surbhit Shukla, C. S. Raghuvanshi, Hari Om Sharan

220 - 230

Design Analysis of Outrigger and Hexagrid System inHigh Rise Building

M. Nataraj, H Sudarsana Rao, Vaishali G Ghorpade

251 - 261

Dynamic Response of High Rise Structures Under The Influence of Shear Walls

T.Shanmukha Sai Vardhan, H Sudarsana Rao, Vaishali G Ghorpade

262 - 271

Strength Studies on Slag Sand Concrete Blended with Silica Fume and Glass Powder

C. Pushpalatha, Vaishali G. Ghorpade, H. Sudarsana Rao

299 - 306

Strength Studies on Slag Sand Concrete Blended with Metakaolin and Glass Powder

P. Guru Teja, Vaishali G. Ghorpade, H. Sudarsana Rao

307 - 315

Strength Studies on Slag Sand Concrete Blended with GGBS and Glass Powder

Venkata Sumahasa, Vaishali G. Ghorpade, H. Sudarsana Rao

326 - 336

Development of Water Quality Index for Groundwater Sources in Kanduyi Sub County, Western, Kenya

Hudson Makhanu, Said Fwamba, Edwin Kanda, Micah Mukolwe, Alexander Khaemba, Kevin Odhiambo

363 - 370

Effects Of Rotation Modulation on Double-Diffusive Convection in Oldroyd-B Liquids

Kirti Tiwari, Dr. Priyanka Bhalerao, Dr. Ritesh Yadav

371 - 377

Women’s Role in Virtual Economy: A Case Study

Bomseng Nyodu, Karma Deema, Kanchandeep Kaur, Meenakshi Rana

394 - 402

Detection of Mesoscale Eddies through Refined Winding-Angle Method

Preetha K. G., Saritha S., Chinnu Sachidanandan, Jishnu Jeevan, Maheswaran P. A.

459 - 464

Contention Window based MAC Protocol in WSN

Adarsh Rana, Kanika Sharma

495 - 502

5G Mobile Communication Integrating Robot Controller Communication Model

Annaji M. Kuthe, Udutha Rajender, C. Poonguzhali, Hanamant Yaragudri, V. Vasudhevan

503 - 513

Improved Swarm Optimization and Path Planning Intelligent Robot

Adlin Sheeba, Bopanna K. D., Sunil Dhankhar, Mohit Tiwari, Balaji S. R.

514 - 525

Intelligent Robot Technology to Optimize the High-Speed Train Operation Model

Chetan Kumar D. S., N. M. G. Kumar, Kalyan Devappa Bamane, Gourav Purohit, R. Manikandan

526 - 536

“ESD Integration in Education Systems and Its Relationship to Faculty Mandated Functions”

Jestoni P. Babia, Benedict Al E. Candia, Maria Victoria B. Trinidad, Roxanne Jul L. Tandang, James Patrick R. Santos

537 - 549

BIM to BIMI Building Information Model Implementation

Serge T. Chua Jr., Carmela C. Quizana

597 - 609

 Lexicographic Weighted Tchebycheff Approach for Multi-objective Workforce Planning Optimization in Rice Seed Harvesting

Waranyoo Thippo, Chorkaew Jaturanonda, Sorawit Yaovasuwanchai, Charoenchai Khompatraporn, Teeradej Wuttipornpun, Tanyanunch Chatrakamollathas

626 - 636

Solar Powered Cardiac Pacemaker with Skin Equivalent Circuit

T. Suganya, V. Rajendran, P. Mangaiyarkarasi

684 - 696

Investigation of Deep Learning Algorithms to Reduce the Text Complexity

Mohammad Jafarabad, Behrouz Minaei Bidgoli‬


Design Project Management Model with System Dynamics Approach

Ameneh khadivar, Mahmoud Dehghan Nayeri, Alireza Nazari, Parviz Sangin


Strength Studies on Slag Sand Concrete Blended with Glass Powder and Dolomite Powder

Akula Jagannath, Vaishali G Ghorpade, H Sudarsana Rao


Digitalization In Education and Its Impact on Stakeholders: A Comprehensive Analysis

Bhavna Talreja, Dr. Abhijeet Agadhe, Dr. Anant Deogaonkar, Dr. Pooja Bhutda

783 - 792

Performance study of grid-connected Doubly-Fed Induction Generator controlled by an optimal controller under unbalanced condition

Shubha Baravani, Jaishri B. Veergoudar, Salma Shapurkar, Shreya Moholkar, Chetna Bhagoji

793 - 801

An Analysis On School Dropouts During Covid-19 Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Jenifer Jothi Mary A, Shantha Mary Joshitta R, Jasmine B, Princitta R

816 - 823


Dr. Sr. S. Thiraviya Regina Rajam, Dr. S. Arul Jothi

824 - 827

Framework For Building Recommender Engine to Forecast Mangifera Indica Foliar Pathogens

Jasmine B, Shantha Mary Joshitta R, Jenifer Jothi Mary A

828 - 834

Performance Evaluation of Multi-class Classification based Detection of CoViD-19 using Machine Learning Algorithms

M. Prema Kumar, P. Ravi Kumar, MV Ganeswara Rao, Viswanadham Ravuri, P Narasimha Rao

844 - 854

Evaluation of Financial Risk Disclosure and Financial Performance of Listed Financial Institutions in Nigeria

Oluyinka Isaiah Oluwagbade, Muyiwa Emmanuel Dagunduro, Niyi Solomon Awotomilusi, Samuel Ajibade Dada

855 - 869

The Use of Didactic Games in Teaching English to Form Communicative Competence Among Primary School Students

Rsaliev Аrman Turdibekovich, Omanov Polatjon Habitovich, Juraqulov Gulomjon Hamrayevich, Hatamova Veronika Shuhrat Qizi, Ergasheva Xilola Yunusxanovna

870 - 874

Antennas for IoT Applications: Challenges and Opportunities

Mohitkumar Gaikwad, Dolly Thankachan

898 - 904

Challenges and Opportunities in Design of Highrise Healthcare Buildings in Saudi Arabia: An Overview

Safeer Ahmad , Tanaya Verma , M. Arif Kamal , Adnaan Ahmad , Zuber Mujeeb Shaikh

911 - 919

The Influence of Financial Transparency and Corporate Social Responsibility Transparency on the Performance of Public Listed Companies in Malaysia

Kavitha a/p Manoharan, Azahari Jamaludin,Mohamed Suhaimi Yusof, SalamiahMuhdKulal , MohdNazriMohd Rahim

920 - 928

Development of Ontologies of Automatic Text Processing Methods Based on Ontological Design Patterns

Sadirmekova Zhanna, Murzakhmetov Aslanbek, Ayanassova Laura, Zhanar Altynbekova

961 - 966

 Streamlining Kapok Pillow Production: The Kekabu Pro Solution

Madya Mastika Ahmad, Zetty Rohaiza Mohd Sahak @ Ishak, Sharmila Mohamed Salleh, Wong Yi Wen

994 - 1001

Information Integrity in the Supply Chain: A Review of Misinformation, Fake News, and Strategies for the Future

AhmadSyafruddinIndrapriyatna, AsepKuswandiSupriatna, YediPurwanto, IkhwanArief,

1008 - 1016

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