Finite element analysis of the bending behavior of the spiral structure of flexible pipe

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GUO Zepeng, TANG Minggang, LI Shengpeng, ZHENG Wenhui


The structure of unbonded flexible pipe in the marine industry is relatively complicated such that the characteristics of bending behavior are unclear. Using the finite element analysis method, a simplified three-dimensional model of a single spiral steel wire wound cylinder structure considering the interaction between layers is established to analyze the bending behavior of typical spiral structures. A measurement method suitable for the slip between layers with small gaps is established, and the slip pattern between layers of pipelines is quantitatively analyzed. The analysis result indicates that the relative slip in the forms of axial extension and contraction of the spiral structure occurred alternately in contiguous half-spiralization cycles under bending. The analysis result also indicates that, under the friction constraint and support of the inner cylinder, the stress response distribution of the spiral steel wire wound cylinder structure has changed obviously compared with that of a single spiral steel wire. The analysis method and calculation results presented in this study provide an effective technical means for the analysis of the bending behavior and design of flexible pipes in the marine industry.

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