Wave scattering and radiation characteristics of a porous cylinder

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QIAO Weiliang, MA Laihao, HAN Xiaoshuang, CHEN Haiquan, SUN Yuqing


Dimensionless analytical solutions for the wave scattering and radiation of an oscillating porous cylinder with three degrees of freedom (surge, heave, and pitch) were presented within the framework of potential flow theory using the separation variable method and orthogonal principles. Hydrodynamic forces along the surge, heave, and pitch directions were investigated versus the incident wave. Variations of the oscillating hydrodynamic coefficients versus the incident wavelength were also studied and were consistent with published results. Surge force and pitch moment were greatly reduced by increasing the porous-effect parameter within the low frequency region of the incident wave. In the high frequency region, the heave exciting forces did not change with varying porous-effect parameters. In general, the introduction of a porous cylinder can improve the hydrodynamic performance of a solid cylinder. These results not only enrich the wave theory of porous structures but also have practical significance for the application of thin porous walls in the construction of new marine pastures and in the design of deep-water buoy bodies.

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