Comparative Analysis of Optical Interleave Division Multiple Access using Helical and Random Interleaver

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Jwala Prasad, Deepak Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar Maurya, Tushar Srivasatva, Ravi Prakash , B. B. Tiwari


Optical interleave division multiple access (OIDMA) is a protrusive, obvious and flashy technique which is employed in modern era mobile and wireless communication systems.  Interleavers play a key role for analyzing the performance of OIDMA system. In this study, helical and random interleavers are incorporated in convolutionally coded OIDMA system one by one and their qualitative comparison has been observed. Low rate convolutional encoders having various design topologies by varying number of adders and memory elements are used in coding section. In the present paper, the convolutional codes of code rate 1/2 and 1/3 as well as fixed constraints length 3 is used and their combined effect on response of OIDMA system has been analyzed. Helical and tree interleaver is considered for analysis purpose and bit error rate with respect to number of users is plotted in graphical as well as tabular manner.

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