Particle Competitive Swarm Optimizer (PCSO), an Energy Efficient Algorithm to Enhance the Network Lifetime in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network

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Mandar K Mokashi , Pooja Sharma, Vishal Puri, Vinayak G. Kottawar


Heterogeneous wireless sensor network (HWSN) consist of sensor nodes having varied capabilities, like distinct computationalability, distinctinitial energy, sensing and communication area in comparisonwith homogeneous WSN. The placement of nodes and topologies are verydifficult in heterogeneous WSN. HWSN is more effective, scalable and flexible with reduced deployment cost, energy consumption, and improved communication and coverage performance. However, energy consumption remains a major concern for HWSNs. As, routing techniques play a crucial role in energy conservation, this paper provides – 1. comprehensive survey of various routing techniques in WSN. 2. Novel optimization enabled routing with Particle competitive swarm optimization algorithm(PCSO).3. Discussion on results and simulation setup.

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