Parents Role in the Digital Learning Skills Among College-Going Students

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Ravula Bharathi , R.Sujatha


The well-known truth is that parents are the first persons who intricately deeply involved and in close proximity since the beginning learning process of their children and are identifies as the first teachers of the child. The education system in the earlier days was confined to 'Gurukulas' and classroom modes of teaching. The recent inventions in the methods of teaching and learning of the modern education gradually shifting to utilize computer skills especially during the pandemic COVID-19 and lead to made many changes in the learning process through virtual classes.  The mind-sets of the parents also are on continuous change moulding towards adopting more advanced learning techniques especially keen interest in increasing their child's computer skills. Based on this background, the present investigation was focussed on understanding the role of parents on the digital learning process of their children. The research was carried out randomly among 120 college-going students studying in Tirupati town of Andhra Pradesh. The study was conducted on collecting information randomly using structured questionnaire from the college-going students to express their opinion in receiving parent's support and to enhance the digital learning process. It was observed that though either or both parents might be non-technical and found it difficult to directly guide the child on digital knowledge was on the other hand encouraged children to join the new computer courses and provide the most emotional support in the digital learning process.  If the time permitted and feasible financially and practical, the parents might join on their own for certain computer-based courses to improve their children basic skill and to motivate more towards digital learning. Enhancing the digital literacy of either parent played a crucial role in extending support to the students and to apply computer skills to enhance the academic and career progression.

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