Dynamic Response of High Rise Structures Under The Influence of Shear Walls

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T.Shanmukha Sai Vardhan, H Sudarsana Rao, Vaishali G Ghorpade


This paper will give an insight into the technique for overall seismic performance estimation of high-rise structures primarily based on a concept of the response spectrum method. Three-dimensional analytical version of high rise buildings will be generated for seismic analyses. Models were analyzed by using the structural evaluation tool of ETABS Software. The analytical model of the structure includes all essential components that have an effect on the mass, performance and deformability of the shape. To study the effect of concrete shear wall at extra ordinary positions for the duration of earthquake, seismic evaluation with the use of linear static, linear dynamic and non-linear static system has been used. The deflections at every Storey stage are compared by using response spectrum approach and influence of Shear Walls on dynamic response is established.

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