Enhancing Tuberculosis Modeling: The True Positive Vaccinated Approach Utilizing a Specialized Runge-Kutta Method

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Gunasekaran M., Alamelu K.


The paper presents the True Susceptible-Vaccinated-Infected-Recovered (SVIR) model for TB control, utilizing a novel methodology that incorporates the 6th Order Runge-Kutta method for precise and effective simulation. The approach focuses on four primary areas: true positive susceptible, true positive vaccination, true positive infected, and true positive recovered. The model's true positive susceptible component identifies individuals at risk who have not yet contracted an infection, enabling targeted preventative treatments. Herd immunity is bolstered by the genuine positive vaccination element, ensuring that effectively immunized individuals are accurately represented in the model. The component that is truly positive for TB accurately tracks the disease's spread, providing crucial information for containment strategies. The truly positive recovered component monitors individuals who have overcome the illness, offering valuable insights into recovery patterns.

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