Strength Studies on Slag Sand Concrete Blended with GGBS and Glass Powder

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Venkata Sumahasa, Vaishali G. Ghorpade, H. Sudarsana Rao


Use of concrete in present days is increasing enormously. It contributes to 7% of carbon dioxide in global warming. In order to reduce carbon emission in atmosphere, cement is partially replaced by fly ash, GGBS, glass powder etc.. In this work GGBS is used as partial replacement for cement with addition of glass powder in concrete to study strength properties. GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) is a cementitious material whose main use in the concrete and is a byproduct from the blast-furnace used to make iron. GGBS can be used as a partial replacement of OPC in concrete production at batching plants. it acts as a stabilising agent and improves the quality of concrete. It is highly cementitious and high in calcium silicate hydrates (CSH) which is a strength enhancing compound which improves the strength, durability and appearance of the concrete. Glass Waste available locally was collected and made into desired size glass powder. Glass waste is very hard material. Glass powder can be recycled and used in concrete which leads to cause a shield to the wastage of materials by recycling. Slag sand is considered as one of the waste materials which can have a promising future in the construction industry as a partial or full substitute of conventional sand. For each ton of steel production, about 2.2 tonnes of slag is generated. This project examines the effect of using GGBS and glass powder as a partial replacement for cement on the strength properties of concrete. For this purpose, we use M30 grade of concrete mixtures by partially replacing cement with GGBS is 0, 10, 20 and 30% by weight of cement and addition of glass powder 0, 10 and 20% by weight of cement and fine aggregate with slag sand respectively. The compressive strength test was carried out on specimen for 28 days and 90 days, split tensile strength test and flexural strength for 28 days.

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