Selection of Best Process Factors for CBN Grinding SS304 using TOPSIS Method

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Dinh Van Thanh, Tran Quoc Hung,Vu Duong,Ha Toan Thang, Nguyen Van Trang, Luu Anh Tung,


The Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) study findings for CBN grinding cylindrical parts made of stainless steel SS304 on a CNC milling machine are presented in this paper. In this work, the MCDM problem was solved using the TOPSIS approach, and the weighting of the criterion was determined using the Entropy method. Two criteria were chosen to solve this task: material removal speed (MRS) and surface roughness (SR). Furthermore, an investigation utilizing the Taguchi design 2^4 was carried out. Four input parameters were analyzed: the down feed Df (mm/double journey), the feed rate Fe (mm/min), the wheel speed Rpm (rpm), and the depth of the dressing cut aed (mm). The study's conclusions were used to determine the optimal process variables.

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