Using the MAIRCA Method for Determining the Best Dressing Factors in Surface Grinding Hardox 500

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Dinh Van Thanh, Vu Duc Binh, Vu Duong, Nguyen Thanh Tu, Nguyen Van Trang


The results of the study on choosing the optimal dressing mode for surface grinding Hardox 500 using the multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method are presented in this paper. The MCDM problem was solved in the study using the Multi-Attributive Ideal-Real Comparative Analysis (MAIRCA) method, and the weights of the criteria were determined using the entropy method. Furthermore, the two criteria for the inquiry were chosen to be surface roughness (RS) and material removal rate (MRR). The five dressing parameters were also examined: fine dressing depth (Tf), rough dressing depth (Tr), rough dressing times (Nr), fine dressing times (Nf), and non-feeding dressing (Nnon). Additionally, 16 L16 (44x21) experimental runs were planned and carried out. The issue with MCDM has been resolved. The results of the analysis demonstrate that, for the input parameters Tr = 0.02 (mm), Nr = 1 (times), Nf = 1 (times), Tf = 0.01 (mm), and Nnon = 2, option No. 5 is the optimal dressing regime

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