Temperature Effect on the Creep Behavior on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Cable in A Suspen Dome

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IfeOlorun Olofin, Ronggui Liu, Oluwaseun Adedapo Adetayo


Introduction: A suspen dome model with carbon fibre reinforced polymer cable as its tengerity system was incorporated with creep theory is presented.

Objectives: Creep deformation of carbon fibre reinforced cable in as tensegrity system in a suspen dome with imposed load at a high temperature was considered numerically to justify its exception properties.

Methods:  To predict the creep effect on carbon fibre reinforced polymer cable numerical simulation was carried out using an FEM package namely ANSYS.

Results:  The analysis showed that for the proposed prototype at an elevated temperature based on atmospheric condition illustrated that the failure time for carbon fibre reinforced polymer cables due to creep raptures is negligible.

Conclusions: From the analysis of the model, it can be concluded that partially reinforcing a suspen dome with carbon fibre reinforced polymer cable as the tensegrity system is an excellent alternative with little or no creep effect on the cable.

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