Review And Suggestions on Key Scheduling Issues in Semiconductor Manufacturing Line

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Choi Seong-Woo


The reality is that it is very difficult to establish an effective schedule in a semiconductor manufacturing line due to the high complexity of schedule planning. In this study, we describe representative constraints that increase the complexity of scheduling in a semiconductor manufacturing line and present the limitations of existing studies considering the process characteristics in which such constraints exist. The main reasons for not being able to establish a regular scheduling system or scheduling algorithm are as follows, as a result of the researcher's analysis of the current status of actual semiconductor manufacturing lines. First, each major process has various objectives (compliance with production plan, maximization of equipment operation rate, maximization of production volume, etc.). Second, the complexity of the scheduling problem is high due to the existence of major constraints and characteristics such as limited queue Time constraint, batch process, re-entrant flow, and recipe Setup. In addition, we present methods and ideas for establishing an effective schedule considering these constraints and explain the ripple effects.


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