Solar Hybrid E –Rickshaw: Load and Cost Calculations On P-V Solar Panel Fitting on Roof – Top

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Kameshwar Kumar, Rajeev Ranjan


Depletion in fossil fuel reserve coupled with a critical environment issues, we need to think on the sustainable energy. Electric vehicles (EVs) are emerging to be the new face of this field. The shifting towards EVs from the convention able IC engine vehicles can be truly sustainable if renewable energy is used for charging. This paper is about setting up solar panel on roof – top of E rickshaw. E-Rickshaw now a days has revalorized the commutation of short distance across our country as well as outside country in abroad. As these E-Rickshaws having no pollution, no sound and easy to operate. In the conventional E-Rickshaw charging to be done through grid. We are proposing hybrid method to run the E-Rickshaw i.e. by solar panel system. In conventional E-Rickshaw it to charge again and again. It takes 6-7 hours for charging and secondly the E- Rickshaw has to keep standing for this system. The above problem is solved by using solar panel mounting on E-Rickshaw. By using this technique, no charging time is required during the course of running the vehicle during day time; no controller is required in solar E-Rickshaw. This system of the operation is cost effective too, in this way we are saving the environment, economy and time of charging of the country.

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