Rebranding Local Government Administration and Constitutional Responsibility in Nigeria

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Bolanle Waliu Shiyanbade, Mayowa Paul Obembe, Yetunde Rafiat Esan-Atanda, Sunmola Kadiri Adegoke & Kareem Babatunde Adenopo


The local government system is constitutionally created as the third tier and independent of the other two, the Federal and State Governments in Nigeria.The paper examined the reason for its creation i.e. to bring government nearer and dividend of government to the people and to serve as a platform for inclusive government at the grassroots level. Overtime, local governments in Nigeria has been battling with number of challenges hindering it from responding to the yearnings, demands and aspirations of the people which are expected to promote the good governance at the local level. Among these challenges are the issue of political accountability which has hindered it from fulfilling the reasons for its creation even in line with the provision of Local Government Reform in Nigeria. However, it is regrettable to see that local governments have fallen well short of expectations in the aforementioned area. This paper examinedthe nexus betweenlocal government administration and political accountability in Nigeria, and the factors militating against its attainment of political accountability which has hindered the provision of essential social services at the local level.The paper concluded by providing a number of policy recommendations among others, the ways forward is to enable local governments achieve more in concrete benefits to the people at the grassroots in Nigeria.

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