Tech-Driven Transformations in Supply Chain Management: Innovations and Advancements

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Mr. Haresh Metha, ASST. Prof. S. D. Patil


This study investigates the prevalent causes of construction project delays in India, emphasizing material shortages and inefficient procurement systems. The research aims to inform policy formulation for timely project completion, considering factors such as cost overruns, time delays, and potential legal implications. The study identifies influential causes, including corrupt practices, material quality issues, and ineffective project planning.

Additionally, the project delves into the impact of technological innovations on supply chain management, focusing on efficiency, decision- making optimization, and ethical considerations. It evaluates the influence of technologies such as data analytics and real-time information on supply chain performance, highlighting both benefits and challenges. The study contributes to understanding the transformative effects of technology on supply chains and emphasizes key factors for successful implementation while addressing ethical consideration


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