Performance Analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Mixture of R290 (Propane) and R600a (Isobutane) with Spiral Condenser and Series Arrangement of Evaporators

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Sourabh Kulkarni, Shriramshastri Chavali, Shruti Dikshit, Kishor Shingare


The vapour compression refrigeration system (VCRS) is an important type in refrigeration systems due to its advantageous features like high COP (Coefficient of Performance). In this research performance analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System (VCRS) employing eco-friendly refrigerants R290 (Propane) and R600a (Isobutane) implemented with innovative design modifications like a spiral condenser and a series arrangement of evaporators carried out. The objective of this research work is to evaluate overall performance of system, improvement in COP and energy effectiveness with lesser energy consumption for environmental sustainability conditions. From experimental results various operational parameters were examined giving insight to system behaviour. To achieve environmental sustainability goals there is need to find alternatives for R134a and with the use of Propane-Isobutane blend along with incorporation of series arrangement of evaporators and spiral condenser showed remarkable improvement in performance. Results have contributed base for optimum design, increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact in refrigeration field.

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