Iot Based Automated Irrigation Scheduling System for Enhanced Crop Yield and Water Conservation

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S.M Shamsheer Daula, V.E Wilson David G Amjad Khan


In the context of agricultural or horticultural daily routines, the act of watering stands out as a pivotal and labor-intensive task. Regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, be it excessively hot and dry or overly cloudy and wet, the control over the amount of water reaching plants remains crucial. Contemporary watering systems prove effective in delivering water precisely when plants require it. However, manual watering involves considerations of when and how much water to apply. To alleviate the manual burden on gardeners and streamline their tasks, we have developed an automated plant watering system. Integration of this system into gardens or agricultural fields ensures optimal growth for all plants while promoting water conservation. This study utilizes Raspberry Pi, programmed to monitor the moisture levels of plants at specific intervals. If the moisture content falls below a predefined threshold tailored to each plant’s water requirements, the system autonomously dispenses the necessary amount of water until the threshold is reached.

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