Intelli Physio AI-Enhanced Lower Limb Rehabilitation System: Pressure-Sensitive Automatic Pedaling With Virtual Micro Adjustments

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Sivanandam S., Akshaya S., Suchithra S.


Introducing an innovative motorized pedaling device designed for lower limb rehabilitation, specifically targeting the impact of osteoarthritis in the elderly. The system boasts advanced features, including micro-speed adjustments based on virtual pressure settings and automatic pedaling synchronized with user-specific requirements via pressure sensor monitoring connected to the Blynk application. AI-driven machine learning adapts to individual pressure profiles in physiotherapy, aiming to reduce Non-Communicable Diseases like osteoarthritis by promoting independent living and fitness maintenance for seniors. The device incorporates a comprehensive technological framework, integrating pressure sensors, automatic pedaling, adjustable pedals, and the Blynk application, all underpinned by AI machine learning. This combination allows the system to monitor and adjust the rehabilitation process at a micro level, offering users a tailored and effective solution for lower limb rehabilitation. The Blynk application serves as a central control hub, regulating the cycling mechanism and displaying real-time heart rate values. The study, involving participants of both genders with an average age of 54 ± 5 years for males and 46 ± 7 years for females, measures various parameters before and after exercise sessions, providing insights into the device's effectiveness in promoting lower limb rehabilitation and overall fitness. This AI-enhanced motorized pedaling device represents a significant step towards personalized, adaptive rehabilitation solutions for individuals with lower limb impairments, contributing to the well-being of the aging population and those affected by osteoarthritis.


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