An Analysis of Social Variables for Preventing Big 5 Crimes in Seoul

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Seung-Yeon Hwang , Jeong-Joon Kim


It is common to see that most social activities occur intensively in Seoul in Korea. As most of you know, Seoul is the center stage of Korean issues, so the population density and social issues, which are much higher than other regions, are very influential. Therefore, based on this social context, it can be fully inferred that the assumption that the Seoul Metropolitan Government's crime rate and criminal sensitivity will also be very high will be reasonable. Therefore, this paper analyzes various social variables that may affect the five major crime rates in Seoul using R, a tool for big data analysis, using simple regression analysis that correlates with the total crime rate and multiple regression analysis that correlates each social variable. In addition, we would like to present policies from various perspectives to prevent crime in Seoul by checking the correlation.

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