" Training and Placement Management System"

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Mr. Ajinkya Farkade, Mr. Akshay Rathod, Mr. Vishal Cheke, Mr. Adesh Bhondave, Prof. Ashwini Pawale


This system streamlines the traditional training and placement management process, serving as an application for Training Placement Officers in colleges. It enables efficient student information management for placements through an assistance portal. Students can post queries, update personal and educational details, upload resumes, and access placement preparation materials via a dedicated login. The system incorporates a Company Tab, assisting companies in shortlisting eligible students, reducing manual work, and minimizing paperwork. The front end utilizes CSS, Bootstrap, and HTML, while the backend employs PHP, Android, and XML. Database management is handled by MYSQL. This online system automates Training and Placement Cell activities, fostering better coordination and utilizing collective intelligence to enhance the selection ratio. It focuses on authorizing CVs, communicating job openings, managing corporate relationships, monitoring selection progress, and facilitating seamless information creation.

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