" Tours And Travels Management System "

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Prof. Shinde B.A. , Ms. Dnyaneshwari Kapare , Ms. Harshada Dharne , Ms. Vaibhavi Hire


We worked on creating a Journey Management System. The online system allows users to book various types of journeys, including international ones. It's designed for people seeking support or goods, making it easy to book tickets for different journey packages like trips to small mountains or other interesting places. Users can also voice preferences for hotels and different room types . The 'Journeys' project aims to replace the existing system, maintaining records of users, destination details, and payments. It saves time and ensures accuracy, preparedness, and equality. This is particularly useful for company managers who can quickly access user records and payment details. The system records details of different journeys, such as family trips, couple getaways, and general journeys, including dates, times, and journey highlights. The online platform allows users to access and book various journey packages, providing comprehensive journey records. The platform also offers new packages at competitive prices according to the season, allowing users to easily book journeys. The front end is designed using HTML and JavaScript, while the back end uses a Chrome-managed database. This platform enables the controlling organization to manage parcels, starting places, user information, bookings, payments, history, and new controlling organization integrations. Users have the authority to handle home lists, view information about packages, register, log in, change passwords, book packages, make payments, leave reviews, ask questions, and contact support. To empower individuals who are blind, the development of an integrated machine learning system is proposed. This system aims to distinguish and classify objects in real-time, offering voice feedback and distance estimation. The inclusion of a warning mechanism, triggered based on object proximity, ensures enhanced safety by alerting users to the closeness or distance of identified items. The intersection of computer vision, machine learning, and audio processing holds the key to creating a transformative technology for the visually impaired, fostering independence and accessibility in their everyday lives.

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