Automation Of Pulp Tank Monitoring and Water Jet Cutting System

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Dr. N. Senthilnathan, Dr. M. Sabarimuthu, V. Vignesh, S. Karuppusamy, R. Saran, K. S. Shyam Ganesh


Automating the pulp tank tracking and water jet cutting gadget inside the paper production mill with the help of Arduino uno microcontroller. This proposed system considerably reduces the wastage produced in the enterprise. The conventional manual inspection and manipulate methods in the paper grinding technique result in elevated labor prices and errors. To deal with those demanding situations, an automatic solution is proposed to reveal the pulp tank stage and control the motor, even as integrating a water jet reducing machine for reducing of pulp sheets. The gadget utilizes sensors to reveal the pulp tank level, with a degree sensor transmitting facts to the Arduino uno. The microcontroller techniques the facts and controls the motor to keep the most advantageous pulp degree automatically. The mixing of a water jet slicing device at the beginning of the conveyor belt enables cutting of pulp sheets to the desired length, improving product pleasant and reducing waste. Safety functions are integrated to ensure operator safety from the immoderate-stress water jet. The Arduino uno microcontroller serves as the critical manage unit, the water jet slicing gadget. the automation of the pulp tank monitoring and water jet slicing gadget enhances performance reduces labor costs, and improves accuracy in the paper manufacturing process. Actual-time information on the pulp tank level lets in for precise motor manage, doing away with the want for manual inspection and decreasing the risk of mistakes. The Arduino uno is used because it provides a price-effective and versatile solution, permitting green operation and records processing.

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