Numerical Investigation of Stress Intensity Factors for an Arc Crack in Bonded Materials Exposed to Varied Mechanical Loading Conditions

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Muhammad HaziqIqmalMohdNordin,Khairum Bin Hamzah, IskandarWaini, NajiyahSafwaKhashi’ie, Nurul Amira Zainal, Nik Mohd Asri Nik Long


This study introduces fresh numerical findings that investigate an arc crack within bonded materials (BMs) positioned in the upper segment and exposed to varied mechanical loading conditions, including shear, normal, tearing, and mixed loads. This issue stems from a preceding study that exclusively focused on shear stress as a singular type of mechanical loading. Utilizing the modified complex potentials (MCPs) function, alongside smoothness constraints for the resulting force and displacement function and the crack opening displacement (COD) component as unknowns, these are formulated into hypersingular integral equations (HSIEs). The material strength associated with the arc crack is then assessed numerically by solving the HSIEs using the curve length coordinate method and Gauss quadrature procedures to determine the nondimensional stress intensity factors (NSIFs). Through graphical representations, this research vividly illustrates the significant impacts of mechanical loadings, elastic constant ratios, and geometrical parameters on the NSIFs at the crack tips. The results demonstrate that elastic constant ratios, crack geometries, and mechanical loadings collectively exert an influence on a material's strength.


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