Carreau Fluid Flow Towardsa Stagnation Region of Shrinking Sheet Containing Al2O3-Cu Hybrid Nanoparticles

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IskandarWaini, KhairumBin Hamzah, NajiyahSafwaKhashi’ie, AnuarIshak, Ioan Pop


This study investigates the hybrid nanofluid flow (Al2O3-Cu/water) on a stagnation region of a shrinking surface using the Carreau fluid model. The problem is solved by a similarity approach using appropriate similarity variables. Then, the bvp4c solver in MATLAB is employed to solve the similarity equations. The results show that two solutions are in existence in the shrinking region. Besides, the heat transfer rate at the surface increases in the presence of nanoparticles. Moreover, the increase of the power-law index as well as the Weissenberg number tends to increase the friction on the surface but decrease the heat transfer rate for the shrinking case.

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