Effective Leadership Styles on Employee Performance

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Philomena Ify IGBOKWE, Moruf Ayodele BELLO, Bolanle Waliu SHIYANBADE



Leadership is an infinite and tremendously complex term that cannot be captured comprehensively. Different leadership styles exist to correspond with various organisational conditions, and each of those styles only functions well where the leader has a vision of what has to be accomplished, is able to communicate such to the others, and develops strategies for achieving the goal. There is no known best leadership style, a style that can be said to be effective would have to combine other styles depending on the situation that has to be addressed. The best or most effective leadership style is one that produces desirable results for individual workers and the organisation. Leadership style determines how well employees perform, but there are other elements outside leadership style that may be contributory to employees’ performance. Managers, people in position of authority must comprehend the issues and develop strategies to motivate, retain and inspire people to put in more effort and go the extra mile, if it is to preserve growth and accomplish more goals.

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