Prediction and Reduction of Pressure Loss in a Duct with 900 Sharp Bend

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L.Uyega, N. Subaschandar


Bent pipes and ducts are used extensively in industrial complexes mainly due to space constraints. However, bends and pipes cause pressure loss and generate flow separation inside the pipes and ducts reducing the efficiency of fluid transport. In this report a duct of sharp 900 is taken into consideration to predict static pressure loss in it. It is then changed into other configurations to predict if the change from sharp corners to smooth curved corners can reduce the static pressure loss coefficient. EasyCFD software was used to predict the pressure loss for four configurations. The SST turbulence model has been used to carry out the computations. The square duct with both sharp corner incurred maximum static pressure loss coefficient of 1.467  whereas making both corners curved reduced the static pressure loss coefficient to 0.212, a reduction of about 85%. It is shown that major portion of the static pressure loss can be recovered (about 82 %) by giving a smooth curvature to the inner corner alone.

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