An Efficient Diffusion and Robust Risk Management in a Wsns

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S. Ebenazer Roselin, Yogesh Rajkumar


A sensor cloud comprises multiple regions hosting various wireless sensor networks (WSNs) operated by different owners, supporting diverse user applications over a wireless communication medium. Consequently, these WSNs are susceptible to various security attacks due to their distributed nature. The challenge is to devise effective and efficient security measures to protect applications within the sensor cloud from potential attacks. Once nodes are deployed in hostile environments, it becomes crucial to assess the impact levels of attacks and implement corresponding security measures. A risk assessment framework for WSNs within a sensor cloud, utilizing a database, is essential in achieving this objective. Code dissemination involves reprogramming sensor nodes with new code images or relevant commands through wireless links, facilitated by the region owner after sensor node deployment in a WSN. This operation is vital for bug removal and introducing new functionalities in WSNs. Given that WSNs are often deployed in hostile environments, ensuring secure code dissemination becomes a paramount concern. Many code dissemination protocols adopt a centralized base station approach, where only administrators possess the authority to initiate code dissemination.

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