Supply Chain Challenges in Ceramic Sanitary Ware: A Case Study and Solutions

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Suwapach Sangnoi , Pornthipa Ongkunaruk


In the fiercely competitive ceramic sanitary ware market, companies employ a range of strategies to meet consumer demands and expand their market presence. This study delves into a detailed analysis of the supply chain within a Thai-based ceramic sanitary ware company, employing the IDEF0 and SCOR models. The primary challenge revolves around the quality of raw materials, which can be traced back to weaknesses in the quality assurance and supplier selection systems. To effectively address this issue, the manufacturer can implement appropriate sourcing strategies, enhance supplier selection and evaluation processes, and institute a vendor development program. This comprehensive approach plays a pivotal role in mitigating the procurement, production, delivery, and return issues that have subsequently arisen. Ultimately, this research significantly contributes to ceramic sanitary ware supply chain management. It underscores the critical importance of resilient strategies and methodologies in tackling the complex challenges inherent in this industry.


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