"TATA Motors Marketplace Penetration in the Era of Electric Vehicles in India"

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Alok Gaddi, Basavaraj Sulibhavi, V. R. Hiremath, Sanjeev Ingalagi, Santosh Kumar G,


The age of electric cars (EVs) has arrived in India's car sector. Numerous international and Indian automobile manufacturers have been drawn to the Indian market due to the demand for EVs. Due to Zip Tron Technology, Tata Motors has been able to and significantly disprove many of the myths surrounding modern electric vehicles (EVs), including those regarding power, monsoon use, durability, suitability for long-distance driving, and frequency of charging. Additionally, it has led the CompanyCompany to expand the high-voltage EV design to include our second personal EV option. Due to the trend towards EVs to reduce pollution and protect the environment, the prediction also predicts a chance for Indian automobile manufacturers in the EV segment to assume the lead in the same segment or market by 2030. The COVID-19 aftermath has given the market a broad opening and enabled a gain in share.

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