Design and Development of an Automated Tilt Controller for Tilting 3-Wheeler

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Albin K Joseph, Deivanathan R


A tilting three-wheeler is a type of vehicle with three wheels, where two wheels are situated in the front and one in the rear. In this configuration, the rear wheel serves as the driving wheel, and the steering mechanism is connected to it. What sets this type of vehicle apart is its unique ability to tilt its body and wheels in the direction of a turn. This tilting feature plays a crucial role in enhancing the stability of the vehicle, especially when navigating curves at higher speeds, allowing for safe and comfortable cornering. The focus of this study revolves around the design of a compact model of a tilting three-wheeler and the implementation of an automated tilting mechanism. The automated tilting system is under the control of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which coordinates various types of sensors, actuators, and controllers to facilitate the tilting functionality of the vehicle. This automated mechanism enhances the maneuverability and safety of the tilting three-wheeler, providing improved stability and control during cornering maneuvers

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