Block Chain Based Access Control and Secure Cluster Based Data Aggregation for WBAN Networks

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G. Sridevi Devasena,


The emerging technologies on wireless sensors, body area networks, data aggregation techniques, the cyber physical system and its privacy is considered as vital. The rapid growth in wireless communication has enabled a new generation of wireless sensor network. Thus, vital parameters of patients can be monitored through wearable and implantable biosensors integrated with wireless body area network, an intelligent and interdisciplinary area of medical domain. Cloud service provider operates for long-term storage and online/ offline processing where data in server are connected with WBAN through sensors. As patient's record consists of more sensitive information, privacy can be maintained by confidentiality, data aggregation and granular access control methods. Among all, WBAN network works effectively by focusing mainly on data aggregation. One of the fatal attacks in data aggregation troubles the network is considered to be more vulnerable. In this paper, WBAN network at the time of data access control and secured data aggregation should be proposed with block chain (PDB) and also faced difficulty. These methods have rights to access privilege to the security service of the network. Proper recognition of devices and permission to use network and service are ensured in addition to reflection of critical data packets from different nodes through sensor network in PDB scheme. Public key encryption probably provides higher level of security to data aggregation. Simultaneously, Detection of attacks creates secured aggregation technique which reduces cost of authentication by cryptographic assumptions. Thus, from entire proposal, analysis can be demonstrated for the resistance of security threats through PDB, user privacy, minimizing communication and computation overhead compared to existing methods.

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