Examination of Renewable Energy Sources, Sustainability Dimensions, and Endeavors to Mitigate Climate Change

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R. Deepa , O. Sathish , P. Magudeaswaran . P. Sureshkumar , M. Kumaresan


In an era where the world is rapidly evolving into a global community, the escalating global energy demand poses a challenge, given the Earth's unchanging nature. The imperative for energy and its associated services, essential for human social and economic development, well-being, and health, is on the rise. Embracing renewable energies to address these escalating demands emerges as a commendable strategy, particularly in the context of climate change mitigation, necessitating a sustainable approach to cater to the energy needs of future generations.This study delves into the myriad opportunities linked with renewable energy sources, encompassing energy security, expanded energy access, advancements in social and economic development, climate change mitigation, and the curbing of adverse impacts on the environment and public health. Despite the promise inherent in these opportunities, various challenges hinder the sustained viability of renewable energy sources for effective climate change mitigation. These challenges include market failures, information gaps, limited access to essential raw materials crucial for the future utilization of renewable resources, and the persistently substantial carbon footprint associated with daily activities.The study recommends a range of policy measures to overcome these challenges and bolster the sustainability of renewable energy sources, thereby achieving climate change mitigation goals. Key among these recommendations is the need to address market failures and disseminate accurate information to the public. Additionally, securing access to critical raw materials for future renewable resource utilization and actively working towards reducing our daily carbon footprint are crucial components of the proposed strategy. By diligently considering and implementing these policy measures, there is a prospect of attaining renewable energy targets, resulting in reduced emissions, effective climate change mitigation, a cleaner environment, and the provision of sustainable energy for the welfare of future generations.

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