Assessment of Large Span Multistory Building Using Various Slab Under Earthquake Response

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Prakash Chamelka, Anjali shirke , Chaitanya Mishra



With the growing need for multistory buildings in a variety of industries, the need for novel structural solutions has become critical. This research looks at the structural behaviour of wide span structures, with an emphasis on the use of various slab forms to meet the problems provided by growing architectural trends. The study undertakes a detailed literature analysis, looking into the use of Grid Slabs, Flat Slabs, Waffle Slabs, and Ribbed Slabs alongside regular slabs to improve stiffness and load-carrying capability in large-span buildings.
Architects are challenged to accommodate bigger spans while minimising the number of columns, which has led to the introduction of novel slab layouts. Grid Slabs, which have unique grid patterns, and well-established Flat Slabs are popular alternatives. The analysis of the literature reveals an increasing trend among academics who have effectively used various slab designs to meet the issues given by long spans. The findings provide architects, structural engineers, and construction industry stakeholders significant insights into the performance features and advantages associated with each slab type.
This study adds to the continuing discussion about optimising structural designs for large-span structures to meet the changing demands of current construction practises. The complete analysis is a helpful resource for professionals involved in multistory building design and construction, assisting in informed decision -making and supporting developments in the field.

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