Seamlessly Backing Up Smart Home Messenger Notifications to the Cloud

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K.Krishna Teja, V. Poorna Sasank, M. Rama Sai , M. Kavitha., S.S Aravinth


The synergy between IoT and smart home technologies has ushered in an era of unprecedented connectivity and automation. As smart homes become hubs of data collection through interconnected devices, cloud-based storage solutions emerge as vital for managing and utilizing this influx of IoT-generated data. This symbiotic relationship optimizes data management and enables sophisticated data analysis, predictive insights, and intelligent living spaces. In this research paper, we build upon our previous work developing a Smart Home Messaging Notification System using IoT technology, showcasing the setup of an Arduino-based smart home system with remote control capabilities. We now expand on these achievements by implementing cloud-based data storage to analyze device usage and empower users to make informed decisions based on usage patterns, simplifying data analysis processes and providing a comprehensive overview of device usage trends.

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