Real-time Automated Internal Network Red-Teaming Using Nmap

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Ramu Singamsetty , Koneru Sai Chandra Has, Sravani Kukkapalli, Veera Narayana Mannipudi, K.V.D Kiran, A V Praveen Krishna


Cyber Security is the concept of securing the devices and the information in the devices from malicious actors and attackers. Red-Teaming is a process in cyber security that resembles a real-time attack in which the attack will be done with the consent of the organization and with prior notice. With this technique, we can have a report of the existing vulnerabilities in the systems as well as the network infrastructure. Automated Red-Teaming is a form of automating the red-teaming process with automation of the tools and the concepts which would be useful for maintaining the security of the system. Real-time red-teaming is a process in which an automated script performs the red-teaming exercise in real time. The idea of this research is to automate a few red teaming tools to check the vulnerabilities in real-time and report if there is any vulnerability that needs attention. With this, the Vulnerability can be detected in real-time and the needful can be triggered to patch the vulnerability. Nmap is a very powerful and efficient tool when it comes to red teaming and reconnaissance, it has many switches and in-built scripts that help in customizing the attack as required to the target.

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