Lean Layout Implementation at Fabrication Plant

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Tadamalle A. P. , Katikar R. S. , Gandhare B. S., Biradar A. K. , Kadam P. G. , Ingole P. D.


The core objective of every manufacturing plant is to cope with the demand and deliver products on time. The production process involves many operations carried out at various stages. To accomplish the production processes and operations successfully each stages has its own challenges and bottlenecks. To reduce these bottlenecks such as reducing motion, waiting time, over processing by incorporating domino effect in various methodologies .This research aims to implement lean layout in fabrication plant to optimize the existing layout for reducing bottlenecks in fabrication of canopies. To overcome bottlenecks, initially for the existing layout required dimensional data of all sections and drawing layout were prepared. To study the existing flow processes for fabrication canopies and their storage methods in racks. The concept of Cellular manufacturing and Just in Time Technique are used to minimize wastage in motion during fabrication of canopies. The method adopted for reducing the waiting waste established by a continuous flow and increase in number of dispatch at the exit. Waste of over processing is minimized by reducing the excess movement and appropriate material handling. Wastage data collected is analyzed by considering elimination approach by rating 1 to 5 .The work efficiency has been examined by considering different processes to estimate efficiency before and after implementation. The work efficiency is found to be increased from 50% to 80% after implementation of lean concept in manufacturing.


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