Light Tissue Interaction Study on Skin Tissue Using Monte Carlo Stimulation Method

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Jim Elliot Christopherjames, Nithiyaa Dharshini M, Srinithi G


The application of Monte Carlo simulation in the study of light-tissue interaction within skin tissue holds great significance in the realm of skin cancer research. This computational method offers a systematic approach to model the intricate interplay of light with various skin layers, enabling a profound understanding of photon behavior.


Objective: To analyze the impact of varying incident light parameters on the penetration depth and energy in skin tissue. To develop a robust Monte Carlo simulation model for accurately representing the propagation of skin tissue, accounting for scattering, absorption and reflection.


Methods: Monte Carlo stimulation stochastic random process in which light transport in tissues and their interactions can be studied effectively similar to other conventional applications


Result : The application of Monte Carlo simulation helped us to investigate light-tissue interaction within skin tissue has provided valuable insights into the complexities of skin cancer diagnostics and treatment.  The knowledge derived from this research has the potential to revolutionize the field of skin cancer management, offering non-invasive diagnostic tools and precise therapeutic approaches.

 Conclusion: Moving forward, the outcomes of this study are poised to make a substantial impact, paving the way for improved patient outcomes, early intervention, and enhanced quality of life for individuals affected by skin cancer. Through meticulous modeling of photon behavior, we have advanced our understanding of how light can be harnessed for early detection and targeted therapies.

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