Generative Artificial Intelligence for Human Capital Management

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Vishwanadh Raju Kurchellapati , Rama Prasad MV


Introduction: Generative AI is quickly gaining attention and making a statement in this white paper, we will discuss its use in HR and touch upon its benefits too and short stories of early adopters and how that is creating a steep learning curve for others to follow. In a detailed view, we will discuss day-to-day HR processes that are being elevated by this technology and are applications of Generative AI shortly. With the progression of natural language processing technology, chatbots and virtual assistants equipped with GPT-3 and the more recent GPT-4 are gaining widespread prominence across various industries. Although this advancement holds the promise of transforming our computer interactions and streamlining numerous everyday tasks, it also prompts inquiries about the future landscape of employment. This paper presents the views of pioneers of the IT industry and a detailed literature review of the evolution of Generative AI. It also discusses the uses and case studies of Generative AI to enlighten the future perspective of the technology.


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