Multi-Axis Solar Panel for Irrigation with IOT

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P. Selvam, N. Faarooq


Electrical power generation is a crucial concern and role on a global scale of meet the need, different approaches of electrical power generating were used. Over the past ten years, there has been a fairly noticeable increase in the world's population. To produce electricity, non-renewable energy sources like coal and oil were employed. However, those sources have a quick impact on the ecosystem, which turns into a major issue. Therefore, people concentrate on renewable energy sources like solar, wind, etc. as a backup plan for protecting the environment. Solar energy is a significant primary energy source in those sources.

The project's main objectives are to rotate the solar panels automatically according to the sun's position and to use water as efficiently as feasible. Hardware and software components can be combined to construct multi-axis solar trackers with irrigation systems. The hardware consists of a servo motor, solar panel, moisture sensor, and LDR (light detecting resistor), and the software is the Arudiono micro controller.

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