High-Speed Track and Alpha Loader for Synchronization Between Operating Systems in Cloud Environment

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Binu C. T., S. Sarvana Kumar, Rubini P., Sudhakar K.


Cloud computing has heralded a new era in distributed systems, necessitating robust solutions for seamless synchronization across diverse operating systems. This paper introduces a novel framework comprising a high-speed track and alpha loader to facilitate efficient synchronization between operating systems in a cloud environment. The synchronization mechanism enhances performance across different platforms and cloud environments. Drawing an analogy from railway systems, our proposed system utilizes a track on which the cloud operates, effectively doubling the cloud's speed and ensuring rapid data transmission and synchronization across platforms. The alpha loader, a crucial component, aggregates data and positions it on the track, enabling the cloud to operate across different platforms and run applications seamlessly. Furthermore, integrating a thread in the kernel facilitates communication with other processes, embodying a sophisticated system architecture that includes m operating systems and n nodes, with a unique map-inside-another-map strategy. This allows for the dynamic determination of edge values, optimizing the synchronization process. Through extensive testing under various scenarios, we demonstrate the efficacy of our approach in enhancing synchronization efficiency, reducing overhead, and improving overall system resilience. The proposed solution addresses the challenges of operating system heterogeneity and sets a new benchmark for synchronization performance in cloud environments.

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