An Investigation Utilising Fuzzy Logic Control of the Issues Experienced by Tamil Nadu Police Personnel as a Result of their Long Hours at Work

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S. Sarala, T. Johnson, K. Kaleeswari


In this study, we will examine the physical and mental challenges that Tamil Nadu Police personnel face as a result of their long working hours. The workplace environment has a significant impact on people's physical and mental health. In general, long working hours are defined as weekly overtime hours that exceed regular working hours. Major factors affecting both physical and mental challenges had been identified by experts in the police department and union officials. Physical challenges included working overtime, working without basic needs, and doing multiple jobs, while mental challenges included dealing with a crisis, meeting duty completion targets, and having disagreeable duties. In this study, we use the Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) methodology to try to find some meaningful solutions to the challenges faced by Tamil Nadu police personnel by incorporating the above-mentioned variables into our FLC model. By defining rule bases for the above-mentioned physical and mental factors using FLC, we were able to identify feasible ways to reduce their physical and mental challenges.

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