Mechanical And Wear Characteristics of Aluminium 6061 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite

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Moorthy V, Babu M,


Aluminium hybrid metal matrix composites are currently in great demand because they have improved mechanical qualities and can meet the demands of sophisticated technical applications. The selection of the right mix of reinforcing materials significantly impacts the performance of these composites. Oxides, nitrides, and carbides are among the materials used for reinforcement. When creating these composites, the most popular reinforcement ingredients are ceramic particles such as silicon carbide and aluminium oxide. In this work, a hybrid composite (AL6061) reinforced with different ratios of ZnO particles is created using conventional casting techniques. Impact energy, hardness, and tensile strength are mechanical attributes that need to be evaluated for each material combination to anticipate suitable replacements. According to an analysis of the material wear characteristics, the combination of ZnO and fly ash is projected to yield better results for the recommended material than the existing aluminium alloy.

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