Brain Tumor Segmentation Using MRI Images Based on Blockchain

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Rajiv Kumar Berwer, Sanjeev Indora, Dinesh Kumar Atal


Brain tumor segmentation plays a critical role in the accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of brain-related diseases. Integrating blockchain technology with medical imaging offers promising solutions for secure, privacy-preserving data sharing and collaborative research. The paper provides an in-depth analysis of recent advancements in brain tumor segmentation using MRI images. Also, it explores blockchain technology's potential to enhance these processes' reliability, security, and efficiency. The paper highlights existing approaches' challenges, advantages, and limitations and presents a comprehensive overview of blockchain-based methodologies applied to brain tumor segmentation. Furthermore, the review discusses the ethical considerations, patient consent, and regulatory implications of utilizing blockchain in medical image processing. The paper review aims to shed light on the transformative potential of blockchain technology in brain tumor segmentation and encourage future research and development in this area.

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