Study on Anti Topological Ordered Spaces

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G. Sravani, G. Srinivasa Rao


In the exploration of topological spaces across various contexts, the cornerstone concepts revolve around open sets, closed sets, as well as the notions of interior and exterior of a set. Equivalently fundamental are the foundational principles encountered when delving into the realm of Anti-topological spaces (ATS). The landscape of mathematical inquiry delves into the intricate definitions and properties of anti-open sets, anti-closed sets, anti-interiors, anti-exteriors, as well as b-anti-open sets, b-anti-closed sets, anti-b-interiors, and anti-b-closures, among a rich array of others. Scholars worldwide have not only encountered but also delved deep into these foundational ideas. This article introduces, studies, and analyzes fundamental properties of concepts like Anti-g-closed, Anti-g-open, Anti-ig-closed, Anti-dg-closed, and Anti-bg-closed specifically within the context of “Anti-topological ordered spaces (ATOS)”.

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