Study of the Rheology Properties of a Mixture of Trinary Ethylene-Propylene Rubber with Benzinaminine-Modified Phenol-Formaldehyde Oligomer

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Movlayev İbrahim Gumbat, Mammadova Aynur Fazil


The presented work showed that the properties of compositions improved based on the modification of ternary ethylene-propylene rubber (SKEPT-60) with chlorinated compounds to ensure adhesive properties, low-speed vulcanization and compatibility with unsaturated functional group rubbers [1-4]. In order to improve the properties of ternary ethylene-propylene rubber, it has been studied the rheological and other properties of the binary system obtained by modifying it in different proportions with benzylamine-modified phenolformaldehyde oligomer (BAFFO) with different proportions of functional groups, and it has been studied that the structure of ternary ethylene-propylene rubber allows the formation of structural changes. At the same time, compositions filled on the basis of SKEPT-60 modified with BAFFO in different proportions were prepared and their properties were studied and it was determined that a number of properties were improved.

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