Evolution characteristics of droplet impingement on the wall of a liquid droplet radiator in a space environment

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ZHAO Fulong, DONG Xiang, ZHAO Yuan, ZHANG Hangyuan, WEN Jiming, FANG Huawei, TAN Sichao


In this study, the droplet impingement process on the collector wall is simulated with Fluent to study the influence of the characteristics of droplets impinging on the performance of a liquid droplet radiator. The results show that the critical Reno number without spatter increases with the increase in the droplet diameter. The dimensionless time needed for the droplet to reach the maximum spreading coefficient is independent of the velocity, approximately T=7. For silicone oil and tin, the critical Reno number without spatter first increases and then decreases as the wall inclination increases. The related research results can provide a basis for the optimal design of the droplet collector.

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