Watershed coupling simulation method for the natural circulation flap valve opening behavior

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FENG Shou, WANG Fupeng, SUN Rulei, YUE Zhiting, TIAN Ruifeng, GAO Puzhen


This study aims to investigate the flow field changes of the reactor core and pool during the opening of the natural circulation valve in the early stage of a main pump failure accident and the influence of different structural parameters of the natural circulation valve on the export of a coolant inside the core. A three-dimensional numerical model of the reactor is established based on the structure of the natural circulation valve. The overset grid method is used to simulate the opening behavior of the natural circulation valve, obtaining the velocity field, natural circulation valve flow channel, and core inlet and outlet flow rates in the natural circulation valve opening process with different installation heights. The reliability of the natural circulation valve is verified through qualitative and quantitative analyses, which provides a reference for the optimal design of natural circulation valves.

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