Transient computational fluid dynamics calculation technology of overlapping-domain division coupling

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ZHANG Lixuan, CHEN Guangliang, TIAN Zhaofei, QIAN Hao, LI Rui


The precise transient computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of the core is of great significance in determining the weak links of the core, optimizing the characteristic structure, and improving safety and economy. Typical pressurized water reactor cores have many slender channels and complex structures, which consume considerable computing resources and time. In order to solve these problems, the paper proposes overlapping-domain division coupled transient CFD technology. The segmented solution technique can divide the studied flow field into multiple subdomains, and each subdomain is calculated successively to reduce the computational load. However, the transient calculation faces transfer transient data between subdomains, and the simple spatial coupling of subdomains is not suitable for transient calculations. Overlapping-domain division coupled transient CFD calculation technology can obtain the boundary conditions of the upstream subdomain in real time and optimize the date transfer of the subdomain. Based on the verification and analysis results, the overlapping-domain division is efficient and can accurately predict the temperature and pressure drop, the maximum error rate of the flow rate does not exceed 0.7%, and the root-mean-squared error (RMSE) is less than 0.02. In addition, this solution can greatly reduce the single calculation load and has engineering application prospects.

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